Neck restraint/system for Junior Dragster drivers

14 October, 2019.

Because safety is paramount in keeping our young racers safe, IHRA NZ will be following NHRA, ANDRA and IHRA Australia in mandating that all our junior dragster drivers, from 1st July 2020, must wear a head and neck restraint/system meeting SFI 38.1 or FIA 8858-2010. It is highly recommended that Junior dragster drivers wear one for this coming season.

As we can all appreciate, safety is paramount, and we must all play a part in keeping our future stars of the sport safe and protected throughout their journey in junior drag racing. A head and neck restraint device/system may be used with or without a neck collar. If the device/system is used without a neck collar, a head sock/balaclava or skirted helmet is mandatory.