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  • 2019 Kiwi Thunder Group One National Series announced: 2 October 2018

The 2018-2019 season of drag racing is gearing up to be a significant occasion, where, for the first time ever, the Kiwi Thunder Group One National Series will take our best drag strips 'by the horns'. This joint series will see the best in the country lining up side-by-side, with Top Alcohol and Top Doorslammer Group One competitors battling it out for top spot on the NZ drag racing podium.

Held over four meetings at both Masterton Motorplex and Meremere Dragway venues, the series has been developed by track promotors Gary Bogaart (Meremere) and Bob Wilton (Masterton), with the sole objective of bringing all Group One racers back together, regardless of governing body. With neither IHRA nor NZDRA running a group one points series in NZ this season Kiwi Thunder Group One National Series promises to be an exciting show, with NZ's fastest racers all competing head-to-head.

"We believe that this series will benefit drag racing tremendously and will give the biggest show to the spectators they have ever seen with these two classes", says Wilton, who has over 25 years of experience in running drag racing events. "Both venues are superb, and will provide the best available traction for NZ's quickest and fastest Group One racers, as well as providing the best amenities for our spectators".

The first meeting to be held at Meremere Dragway, January 12 (the Wellington Invasion meeting) will be a one-day meeting, however all of the following meetings, Masterton Motorplex 16th & 17th February, (the Auckland Invasion) Meremere Dragway 9th & 10th March, and Masterton Motorplex 23rd & 24th March, will all be two-day meetings.

Race format:

All meetings will be Standard 8 car fields with a Pro Ladder format with racer return and non-qualifiers running of the back of the field.

More information will be provided as it comes to hand.

For more details contact:

Bob Wilton 0274 494 995, bobwilton@mastertonmotorplex.co.nz or

Gary Bogaart 0274 056 060, meremeredragway@xtra.co.nz

Series Dates

Date Event Track City
12 January, 201912/1/19 Wellington Invasion. Round 1 Meremere Dragway Auckland
16-17 February, 201916-17/2/19 Auckland Invasion. Round 2 Masterton Motorplex Masterton
9-10 March, 20199-10/3/19 IHRA New Zealand Nationals. Round 3 Meremere Dragway Auckland
23-24 March, 201923-24/3/19 NZDRA Nationals. Round 4 Masterton Motorplex Masterton