• IHRA New Zealand suspends racer: 20 September 2016

Following a 2016 tech inspection, a racer has been banned from racing at IHRA tracks and sanctioned events for the next 12 months plus a further 12 months probation and fined $1500 for running an illegal Slew/Traction control device. The devise in question was the MSD Digital 7 ignition box model number 7531.

In 2015 the same racer was advised that the MSD 7531 box was illegal to use in IHRA racing in New Zealand ( also illegal in ANDRA, NHRA, NZDRA, IHRA US) and was asked to change the ignition box, he removed the MSD 7531 sticker and replaced it with a MSD 7530T sticker signifying an ignition box without the illegal Slew/Traction control. This was noticed by the tech inspector at his 2016 tech inspection, when quizzed, the racer owned up to getting a sticker made with the correct part number and to changing the sticker on the box.

IHRA NZ wants fair and honest racing at its sanctioned events in New Zealand and will continue to be vigilant. IHRA NZ will be doing random audits at its sanctioned events during the coming season.