• IHRA introduces Teen Racing: 11th July 2012

In a world first, in 1988, Meremere Dragway decided it needed to get young girls and boys into drag racing. Junior dragsters were born with Murray Smith building the very first junior dragster, which is still around and is owned by Frank Bogaart. Now 24 years later IHRA Motorsports has developed a new program for our racers of tomorrow. The intention is that this will attract new racers and be a transition from a junior dragster to a competition car. This could also lead to inter school team racing in the future.

Teen Racing gives youths, aged 13 to 17 years old, the opportunity to race in full-bodied street vehicles, with no need to buy a special vehicle. A Co-Driver accompanies the Teen Racer on all runs to act as a coach and to join in the fun. The Teen Racing program is an inexpensive way for families to get involved in drag racing and another chance for parents to cultivate a close working relationship with their children.

All races are conducted over a distance of 1/4 mile with an ET dial-in format with strict minimum dial-ins.

Requirements & Specifications