• Fram Autolite Newletter: 9th Sept 2011
Track Update

The season is just around the corner. The Fram Autolite team would like to give you a brief update on whats happening at the track, what the race dates are etc. We have just this week replaced the concrete launch pads on the start line and removed the armco on the left lane ready for the new concrete safety barriers to be installed. 

The armco we have removed will be installed in the braking area so that we will have armco on the right side right down to the chute packers shed. In mid October the crash crew are booked on another refresher training course at Auckland Airport. VHT and Segedins Dominion Road are back on board this season with lane naming rights and Mothers are back on board with Drag Masters.  All the toilets have been painted internally and we are just finishing off painting the floors. We would also like to thank all the racers and crew that have helped out at our working bee's, without your help it makes it hard to get the big projects done.

After a very successful Fathers Day Drags last weekend, the team are looking forward to a busy season. the dates for this season is as follows.

12 November Test and Tune                                         5 February NZ Junior Dragster Champs

13 November Comp 1                                                   11 February Comp 3 1/8 night meet

26/27 November Spring Nationals                                4 March Comp 4

7 January  Mothers Drag Masters                                 16/17/18 March NZ Nationals

15 January Comp 2                                                       22 April Sponsors/Fun day


4 November NSDW 1                                                     18 November NSDW 2

2 December NSDW 3                                                     17 February NSDW 4

2 March NSDW 5                                                            23 March NSDW 6