• Ruapuna Park Newsletter. 16 July 2011

Pegasus Bay Drag Racing has now joined with IHRA who will become its governing body for affiliation.

Although there has been much media speculation, rumor and innuendo around the change of affiliation PBDRC has researched the subject and taken the information back to its current members, who, in near total, agreed to change to IHRA.

Please note that PBDRC is not a Board (as are FRAM), nor is it a private business (as is Taupo) but a club that is the collective decision of its members.

Full and frank discussions have taken place with both FRAM and Taupo so that we can provide uniformity between the 3 tracks so that what you do at PBDRC will cross over should you decide to travel.

A racing license is necessary for cars under 11 seconds, application forms are available on line www/ at present the cost is approx US$60.00, the dollar exchange rate making it very favorable at present. If you wish, we, the PBDRC can facilitate the application for you at a cost of NZ$100.00.